School Dress Code Of The United States Essay

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According to a survey conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, over half of the United States’ schools have a form of dress code, yet they have not been enforced justly. Young girls have expressed their complaints about the “unfair and demeaning” use of dress code. Though having a uniform is supported by several schools in the United States, it is becoming an issue in the sense that the schools are now getting complaints about the sexism occurring due to the dress code. Uniforms were created to make students feel equal, but the problem arises when students’ misconduct with school dress code begins to take away from their own education which is ultimately the reason they come to school in the first place. In the recent trend “#Iammorethanadistraction” girls are beginning to speak out against the recent incidents that have been occurring in schools across America.
Uniforms were implemented to create equality within the student body; however, lately it has been enforced to where it is contradicting the whole purpose of a dress code. Several young ladies have begun to speak out against the issue, claiming that they have felt everything but equal. Young girls have been called horrible things in public, humiliated and embarrassed in front of several people for wearing everyday clothing. In a recent incident in Noble High School (Oklahoma), a superintendent of the school district asked the student body, “Have y’all seen any skanks around this school?”,…

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