School Divisions And Educational Institutions Essay

1673 Words Jan 14th, 2016 null Page
School divisions and educational institutions are under pressure to provide their students with the most up-to-date educational technology—be it hardware or software. This new technology generally comes because of a grant or different allocation of the budget, causing the infrequent and overwhelming introduction of technology to teachers. Summer break is generally the time when incoming technology is introduced into educational buildings; consequently, teachers return to work burdened with professional development sessions on the newly acquired technology and tasked with creating materials to utilize the new product. Professional development sessions traditionally cover the basic workings of the new technology; it provides several examples of ways the new technology is useful in the classroom. Commonly, following the professional development session is the implementation of requirements stating that teachers must utilize the recently acquired technology with a minimum set of lessons and projects.
Therefore, this acquisition and training cycle causes great angst in teachers. In some cases, this pressure is reinforced by the implementation of requirements to create and scrutinize technology-based lessons. Under these circumstances, educators underutilize the new technology in their classrooms due to lacking familiarity. Forming engaging and meaningful lessons is the goal of successful educators; the focus shifts when teachers must hastily design lessons requiring the use of…

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