School District 's Webpage And The Effectiveness It Has On Our Community

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The following is a review of the Lakewood School District’s webpage and the effectiveness it has on our community.
In review of the schools website, I would like to make the following recommendations in order to appeal to the larger audience that our school district serves. It will reach students, parents, teachers and community members that continuously support our district in every way possible.
First observation
Please note that the following suggestions are for the betterment of our school district; however, please note lack of detail, information of empowerment to the website. Upon entering the link to the school districts website you see a basic format that any elementary child could put together. Visit East Grand Rapids website for exploration in how we should welcome the audience to the districts page. It can be found;
Our website only contains the basic information. It does provide you link to all schools tied into the district. It also provides basic information on how to reach a teacher or the school vision. It has plenty of “white space” so the person visiting the site is not lost. This website has not been updated in over 14 years.
Parents that are new to the district or parents of an upcoming graduating seniors will be looking at this website for information that is important to them. If they are not able to locate this, school administrators will start receiving calls due to lack of information on this site.
Moving forward…

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