Essay on School Discipline When Dealing With Special Needs Children

849 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Our group project was about school discipline when dealing with special needs children. One thing I wish we focused on more was alternative methods and what the school can do. When I tried to present the idea to my group, a lot of the times my ideas were pushed aside. I believe there are so many alternative methods that have proven to work effectively at not only the elementary education level, where most people seem to pay the most attention, but also the high school level. I believe schools are doing a pretty good job at coming up with alternative forms of punishment to help a child with special needs, but they have to know what the child needs. Having a mother who works on the Spotsylvania County School Board and helping out at my sister’s elementary school gives me a little bit of insight on how the schools run. It’s up to the parents to get their child diagnosed so the school can properly work with them. Schools can’t show “favoritism” or “special treatment” to any student without a parent’s permission or proper documentation. For instance I volunteer in an Autistic classroom during school hours, and one of the students happens to be my sister’s friend. He has autism but is able to participate in a classroom setting majority of the day. If he starts becoming overwhelmed and acting out we must take him to a “calm down” room where there are building blocks, coloring pages, yoga mats, and a mini trampoline. The mini trampoline is his favorite. There are many other kids…

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