School Culture Case Study

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How has she created a school culture with staff, parents and students?

Kathy Mullery is a driven, energetic, and thoughtful leader. She has created a campus culture of success by meeting the needs of each individual student. Her staff works together to create rich and meaningful learning opportunities in every content area. Mrs. Mullery’s leadership is a wonderful balance of instructional leader and facilitator. She keeps the heart of the school alive along with the importance of high academic rigor. She is highly respected by her principal peers, by the staff and parents. She is supportive of staff, parents and students. She knows how to bring staff together and solve problems. She is able to have difficult conversations when it is needed and celebrate with staff when appropriate. Mrs. Mullery was able to bring together two communities when a neighboring middle school was closed and students and staff were relocated to the Connolly campus. Mrs. Mullery 's leadership helped the transition for all to be seamless. Mrs. Mullery is also a risk taker and willing to take on any new project if it is best for students. Mrs.
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Mullery believes in shared leadership and involves all stakeholders with major decisions. She attends parent meetings, after school activities, musical/athletic events and programs in order to make parents/community feel welcome at Connolly and to encourage involvement/action. The PLC/leadership team at CMS has representation from all grade levels/departments to review data and make recommendations for change or possibly not to change--based always on the belief of "what is best for the student". Providing staff development has been key and being able to stand up to folks who don 't believe that all students can learn. Kathy also has a strong belief that building relationships with all of the above groups is essential with developing an effective school culture. She also looks at recent research in order to help our school become

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