School Counseling Reflection

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After school counselors and personnel works hard at establishing a foundation, bringing together key stakeholders to effectively manage and evaluate programing, and deliver services to make systemic change. There is still work to be done in ensuring program data is align with program goals and student needs. During this process, effective programs not only analyze achievement, attendance, behavioral, and safety records. Effective programs also evaluate personnel time and performance to understand how it reflect and affect components of their comprehensive school-counseling program. School counselors are upheld with many ethical standards and responsibilities to students as they help hold everyone accountable and create a culture for equity …show more content…
The importance to key stakeholders from the school, family, and community to provide a consensus on the most effective to engage the student, address their needs, and improve educational outcomes. I leaned that it is important for every to understand their role in enhancing student learning. Collaboration help built a sense of community that reflects the way use a holistic approach within their school counseling program.

To conclude, lessons concerning systemic change taught the importance of providing a comprehensive counseling program that’s available to all students. Annually evaluating and select tools based on the educational needs of students. Implementing a delivery system that includes guidance, individual, responsive, and support planning and services. Bringing together key stakeholders to address the needs to the school and community. Lastly, I took away the importance to use data to help drive decisions and share
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Throughout the days working with the counselor at Johnson, I now understand the difficult work it takes to be counselor. Every counselor brings their own unique approach, experiences, and skills in the way they address the needs of students. Being a counselor is truly a learning experience. My ultimate role will be similar to my experience collaborating with their school counselor. Being ready to enter each situation ready to learn something new about the people that I encounter and myself in the process.

Working as a youth worker for many years. My roles were similar to things counselors do like serving as a mentor. My job often require me to understand and focus on a students needs and experiences. Once, working in a before and after school program. I frequently organized and arrange countless activities that required students to work on skills in regards to their academic, career, and personal/social development. In addition, programing was designed to always be age appropriate with a sense they it will help engage students and keep it

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