School Counseling Program And Program Standards Essay

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School counselors are advocates, leaders, collaborators and consultants who create systemic change by providing equitable educational access and success by connecting their school counseling programs to the district’s mission and improvement plans (The ASCA Ethnical Standards for School Counselors, 2016). A vital component of a counselor job is communicating with parents and engaging them in their child’s academic career. Counselors ought to inform parents of the mission of the school counseling program and program standards in academic, career and social/ emotional domains that promote and enhance the learning process for all students (The ASCA Ethnical Standards for School Counselors, 2016).
As the researcher, one of my responsibilities this year, during my internship with the school counselor is managing the high school admission process with parents and students. Counselors who feel better trained on how to provide high school students with the right college application materials are more likely to have students who go to college (Bruce & Bridgeland, 2012). To increase my knowledge about the high school admission process, I attended a high school admission workshop for counseling. Part of a counselor job description is collaborating with organization to provide resources to students and families. Less than one-third of counselors (32 percent high school and 30 percent of middle school) say that they intentionally collaborate with outside organizations and businesses to…

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