School Budget Cuts And How It Affects School Essay example

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SECTION 1: CORE CONCERNS (2- 3 paragraphs of reflection)
For my core concern, I had picked “school budget cuts and how it affects school.” I pick this core concern because there were budgets cut in my zone school are. I first saw it on the local news station NBC12 New. When I saw on the new, I felt like it hit close at home. What made it worse is that one of the schools that are planned to closed is my old elementary school, Southampton elementary school. At first I was heavily against it but didn’t know how to approach the problem. When I deciding what subject to pick for my research paper, this was the first idea that popped into my mind.
This brings me to my investment to this core concern essay. I planned to invested a decent amount of time on how budgets work. I wanted to learn how it was made and how cuts are determined. After thinking about it for a while, I want to research its effect on the educational system and how it affects students. What I’m looking forward to reading countless number of articles on the subject to learn how the budget system works and its effects of it. I hope to find a reason to go against budget cuts.
I have some assumptions about budget cuts that are mostly popular opinions. My first one is that budget cuts are usually bad for the students and it produce lower test scores. My second one is that budget cuts affect how many classes a student can take and can limit the types of class they can take. Another one is that students tend to drop out…

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