School Board Paper

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School Board Meeting

I recently viewed a taping of a school board meeting. This school board meeting was in the Waterloo Community School District. The meeting was held in the board room at the Education Service Center. This center is located at 1516 Washington Street in Waterloo, Iowa. The meeting was held on March 26, 2012, at 6:00 p.m. The board members that were present were Shanlee McNally, Sue Flynn, Andrea Sparks, and Lyle Schmitt. Also in attendance was President of the Board, Mike Young, Vice-president, Bernice Richard, Superintendent, Dr. Gary Norris, Executive Director of School & Community Relations/Board Secretary, Sharon Miller, Chief Financial Officer/Board Treasurer, Michael Coughlin, Assistant
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Another comparison from the meeting and the book is that this meeting was considered a regular meeting. It is open to the public which can lead to enhancing school-community relations and allow parents and others to understand issues that surround the system’s schools as well voice their concerns. One thing that I found interesting is that in the book it states that the majority of board members tend to be older than the general population. I would have to say that there were a few who were older but there were also individuals that were younger. Another characteristic that is comparable from the text book is during the Superintendent’s report when Dr. Norris was discussing the initiatives that were and are going to continue to take place in the school system is “Policy” power and the “Curriculum and assessment” power. They are telling the teachers what initiatives need to take place and the teachers need to implement them. Another power that took place at this board meeting was “Fiscal matters.” This was evident in the report from Mr. Michael Coughlin. He was stating how the school district needs to get the most out of every tax dollar. “Community Relations” is another power that was utilized during this meeting. It was used when Ms. Susan Padget came up front to discuss a fundraiser called “Empty Bowls.” With the school board supporting this fundraiser, they are responding in a

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