School Bloomed With Energy : A Day At Any Man 's Door Essay

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Have you ever heard the proverb: “Opportunity never knocks twice at any man 's door?” It’s a hoax. I grew up hearing this proverb more than I have heard my name. The truth is, “when all doors are closed, we have to go through a window.” Life is always filled with opportunities. For instance, we have several opportunities to develop this draft before the submitting the final paper. However, some opportunities are like four leaf clovers, it is hard to recognise them at first glance. Life taught me this hard lesson at a tender age of 12. I learned this valuable lesson by making the mistake of trying to be a jack of all trades.

It was the spring season, which called for our annual sports event. The whole school bloomed with energy. Almost half the school members contested in some sort of sporting event in one way or the another. The rest cheered the representers of their respective group. The stadium was a war stage. We all fought for the pride of our groups. I was amongst “the few warriors” who fought for the glory of my group - Vivekanandha - in the 200m race. In addition, I also participated in the High jump event. Sports has always been one of my obsession since my childhood, especially in the area of track and field. Thus, I have pledged to dedicate myself to sports.

At the same, I also love theatre works. I made my first stage appearance when I was in Kindergarten. My first role was a monkey. That explains why I still like goofing around. Since then, I have acted as a…

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