School And Poverty Challenges And Achievement

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4. School and poverty: challenges and achievements.
During the project I interviewed two teachers with one year experience and 22 years’ experience, Principal, and an assistant of principal. Summarizing all interviews we got this story about WMS.
From the interview with an Assistant of Principal, who works at the school about 20 years, we knew that Webb Middle School was a “story of rags to riches” according to Julie Weeks (the president of the St. Johns Neighborhood Association). Weeks asserted that Webb was not always as successful as it is today, and was even on the verge of closing in 2006 due to its “fourth year low [performance] on TAKS.” Not only was the school underperforming, but the St. Johns Community at the time was also ineffective
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By giving these two examples there was raised a question how to improve the schools? In the next chapters of the book the authors give us answers based on 7 years data and the examples from the development other public schools. By the authors of the book that ‘the organizational subsystems of a school are mutually reinforcing and operate in tandem to improve student learning’. The school improvement cannot be achieved without a good organized system consisting from 14 overall indicators of the five essential supports which in the combination can improve teaching and learning in classrooms, and ultimately student …show more content…
Several students miss school due to health-related issues as well, such as medical visits etc. If students don’t eat healthy and dress well (like wearing a coat in winter) they get sick. Sometimes families can’t afford these things due to finances, but we have a family resource center led by Julie Weeks that provides these things to families, like housing, food, etc. This family resource center is funded through district grants. Additionally, to these resources School administration pay more attention for students extracurricular activities, list of which is added by new activities every year. Nowadays school has the activities like

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