School Age Child Interview And Observation Essay

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Child development involves emotional, physical, sociable, and intellect changes over a period from conception through adolescence. Childhood is a multifaceted process in which many changes occur. To fully understand the changes throughout childhood, one interview and observation was conducted to a toddler perspective, and a second interview and observation was implemented on a school-age child. Vast changes arise from infancy and toddlerhood, jumping to later childhood, and that was deceptive when comparing the outcomes from the two observations.
Alex, who is eight years old, was the topic of the school-age child interview and observation. To grasp the information needed an in class observation was completed followed by an interview to give an understanding to changes throughout childhood. Alex is in the fourth grade, and is temporarily housed at the main elementary school in the district, while the secondary elementary school that usually accompanies grade level 4-5 is being renovated. He has a two teacher rotation while a separate teacher for the special subject of the day which either includes, art, music, or physical education. The classroom as a whole will rotate together for every subject. Nicolas has one brother, Andrew, who is fifteen years old and a freshman who attends the high school in town, and oldest sister Jessica who is seventeen and is a senior at the high school. He is very close with both siblings and enjoys rough play with them at…

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