Scholarship For International Study On Education Essay

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Rinehart-Darkatsch Scholarship for International Study in Education
Application Essay

“One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.” This quote may seem cliché, however, it directly distinguishes the purpose of studying abroad for me. I will study abroad in Seville, Spain for the fall 2016 semester and possibly a portion of the summer. While in Spain, I will have opportunities to see new and interesting places and improve my Spanish language skills, more importantly, I will immerse myself in a foreign culture that holds new perspectives and ideas. These new perspectives and ideas will affect my life and also the lives of my future students and colleagues, as I plan to apply them into my teaching one day. In the ever changing, culturally diverse society that we live in, teaching students at all levels to become global citizens carries a strong importance. I feel that teachers hold responsibility in this and should give students opportunities to explore the world outside of the walls of their classrooms to ultimately learn respect and understanding for others. By studying abroad, I will gain a better understanding of the Spanish culture and education system. I can pass my experiences and new learnings onto students one day. Some of them may never get the experience of traveling to Spain, or even out of the country. However, through my experiences, I feel that I can share a new culture and set of perspectives with them to hopefully help them…

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