Scholarship Based Prevention Studies And Researched Intervention Services For Children With Disabilities

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earning my M.Ed. in child studies at Vanderbilt University, I have worked on two school-based prevention studies and researched intervention services for children with disabilities. These experiences have refined my research and professional interests, which are shaped by developmental systems and ecological context theories, and have motivated me to pursue a career in school psychology. School psychologists are avid creators and consumers of evidence-based practices intended to support the positive development of social, emotional, and academic skills of all children in the school environment. In particular, school psychologists have a deep knowledge base in psychology and education grounded in the social-justice principle that all children deserve a school experience that is supportive of their individual needs and abilities. Earning my doctoral degree in school psychology at the University of Kentucky would allow me to pursue a career as a researcher and practitioner of school psychology methods.
I am currently completing a two-year practicum in the Department of Special Education at Vanderbilt under the supervision of Dr. Mary Louise Hemmeter, as a research assistant for a project designed to prevent challenging behaviors in schools. The teachers who are part of the project participated in a professional development intervention, which focused on effectively integrating curricula and experiences to stimulate children’s learning of social-emotional skills. In particular,…

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