Schizophrenia Is An Area Of Interest For Many Health Scholars

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Schizophrenia in the Community
Chomika Currie
Saint Leo University

Mental health is an area of interest for many health scholars. It is estimated that five percent of the world population suffer from mental disorder or disease. One of the mental health concerns is Schizophrenia. This paper explores the situation of schizophrenia, identifying the kind of people who are affected by disease. In the course of doing this the paper will attempt to explain whether the disease affects either genders or people of particular age. The paper will also look at the causes and symptoms of the disease. Treatment options which are available will also be looked into as well as exploring ways through which a person can live with the disease.
What is Schizophrenia?
Schizophrenia has been noted as one of the major concerns in public health.1.1% of the world population is affected by this disease. It is estimated that in United States close to 2.5 million people are suffering from this mental disorder. Mental Psychologists define schizophrenia as a condition where an individual is characterized by breakdown of thought process and lack of emotional responses. The condition makes it hard for an individual to distinguish between what is real and not real. Doctors at time refer to the disease as a psychotic illness due to the failure of a patient to distinguish between their own thoughts and ideas from reality. (Birchwood Max and Jackson Chris 2001)
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