Schizophrenia Is An Abnormal Psychology Essay

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Schizophrenia is an abnormal psychology that is defined in three ways as a deviation from statistical norm, social norm and cultural relativism. There are problems that define the abnormalities in terms of system that relies on subjective judgment of an individual’s behavior. The mental disorders are classified using The Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder DSM-V to aid in the psychotic diagnosis of the disorder. The term schizophrenia is used to describe the general class of disorders that are characterized by similar symptoms such as disorganization thought processes, a split between intellect and emotion, and a split between intellect and external reality (Hansell & Damour, 2008). The disorder typically starts to manifest in early adulthood, but men tend to develop schizophrenia earlier than women. The most common symptoms manifested include; auditory hallucination where the sufferer hear voices within their mind talking to them, delusions of grandeur and delusion of persecution, lack of self-control by individual sufferer as other powers are in control their lives, and disorderly thinking where a person feels that some thoughts are missing or some thoughts have been inserted in their minds (Smith, 2014).
The psychodynamic approach indicates that schizophrenia is as a result of ego collapse. Because the job of the ego is to control id’s impulses and balance the selfish demands of the id and the superego’s moral restrain. The approach demonstrates that the result of…

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