Schizophreni Mental And Mental Disorder Essay examples

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Schizophrenia is a widely known emotional and mental disorder that impacts nearly every aspect of a persons’ life. This disease impedes its victims from being able to separate reality from imagination. In this essay, the writer intends to give an extensive range of knowledge concerning schizophrenia as well as the symptoms and possible cause accompanied by the diverse treatment options for individuals who have this disease. Although there is no cure for schizophrenia, there are medications that can help subdue the illness which can help a person adjust and have a better quality of life considering their condition.
Schizophrenia has been in existence for many years; however, the psychiatric disorder was not officially coined “schizophrenia” until 1911. Schizophrenia has been labeled in a variety of ways throughout time, because of its unusual and frequently alarming indicators. Schizophrenia was considered to be the effect of possession by or involvement with the devil or an evil spirit. Unfortunately, schizophrenics were often exorcised, flogged, starved, or burned at the stake as a result. Some were subjected to “trephining”, in which holes were drilled into the skull in an attempt to let the spirits out (written & Lane, 2016).
As early as 1400 B.C., writings in the ancient Ayur-Veda manuscripts portrayed indications that were identical to schizophrenia (History, 2012). The term “schizophrenia” was first labeled a complex disorder by a psychiatrist from Switzerland Dr.…

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