Schizophreni A Great Impact On Families Essay

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Schizophrenia has a great impact on families by distressing and disrupting the lives of family. Families endure increasing stress and confusion when conditions worsens on their love ones. When someone is diagnosis with schizophrenia, family members coping with the symptoms can be especially difficult because of remembering what the person was like before the individual become ill and how much the disease have cause them to changed.
The impact of the diseases upon families is compounded by the common propensity of someone who denies the fact that they are ill. They then believe that the efforts of family members to get them help unnecessary interference. This understanding is often supported in the patient’s mind by delusions of oppression, or splendid ideas about personal destiny. For the individual not think that way the must gain some insight about their condition. These symptoms can contribute to them not being in compliant with medication, and having a long term disability.
The disruption of the lives of family is often impaired by the tendency of family members looking for a reason as to why the diseases has affected their loved one. This innate reaction sometimes leads to the family feeling ashamed or casting blame, this causes rifts amongst family members because it is difficult for them to accept that the illness is nobody’s fault. Living with schizophrenia, has caused family members to take on the role of day to day care for their loved one. Family members have…

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