Schindler 's List Of The Holocaust Essay

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Paragraph 6: Oskar Schindler is one of the most famous Jewish liberators in the Holocaust. He was forever immortalized through Academy Award winning movie, Schindler’s List. The movie truly paints him in a heroic light. Placed in the late 1930s-40s, Oskar Schindler was a Czech man that bought Rekord Ltd, a previously jewish owned business. With that business, he employed over 1000 jews from the Krakow ghetto. Later, numerous Jews of the ghetto were being liquidated to Camp Plaszow. In order to avoid the deportation of his workers, he bribed the officers and established relationships with them and succeeded. In order to make his company running and useful to the war effort, he added armaments to the manufacturing list. In the factory, the Jews stayed overnight and were saved from the harshness of the lives they would 've had at the camps. Unfortunately, Schindler’s Jews were deported to Plazow so Schindler made it his main goal to get as many Jews out of the camp as possible. He relocated his factory closer to the concentration camp and met the qualifications to become a sub-camp of Plaszow. Oskar Schindler made a list of 1200 Jews he needed to work and with this, he slowly liberated groups of Jews at a time. Helped ensure the survival and escape of more than 800 men and 300-400 women. The armaments factory that he ran only produced one wagon full of live ammunition in under eight months. Finally, all of the Jews, including the ones inside of the factory, while the…

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