Essay on Scene Of An Accident Involving A Two Car Crash

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It all started the morning of March 5th, 1998 around 2 A.M., paramedics were called to the scene of an accident involving a two-car crash, where one of the two victims was a pregnant woman. When the paramedics arrived, the woman was unconscious and was immediately rushed to the closest hospital, Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Ma. Upon the arrival, the woman remained unconscious with cuts and bruises, it was time for the medical staff to make a move in attempt to save the child. As the father of the child rushed through the hospital doors asking where his wife was, he was held back by the medical staff, and the woman was rushed to the operating room. A c-section was performed as soon as possible, in hope of saving the child. 2:43 A.M. the baby’s cry was heard, and the father was immediately called in. The baby boy cried in his father’s arms, as they hoped the mother would gain consciousness soon. It wasn’t until 3:07 A.M. until the mother became conscious again and was able to see her newborn child healthy and alive. The husband and wife celebrated the ‘miracle’ birth of their new-born son, Justin Le, the newest addition to the family’s ancestry, whose body is filled with such a unique and fascinating history.

The term genealogy, by definition, literally means ‘the history of a particular family showing how the different members of the family are related to each other.’Your previous ancestors make you the person you are today. You couldn’t be the person you are…

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