Scene Analysis : William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Scene 1- For scene one I would like to incorporate a scary, sickening environment. This scene will have a dark backdrop, with a moon on the top left hand corner. The lighting required for this scene will be a blue mixed with green and black tints of lighting along with a fog machine and sounds of groans and a bit of howling of wind to give the scene an ominous feel. The stage will have four actors upon a synthetic stone front faced platform giving the looking of a castle lookout. With the use of a holographic machine we have the ghost of the late King Hamlet appear realistic and floating off of the platform.
Scene 2- The Throne room scene will consist of great big back drop with giant pain glass windows, making everything look small in stature to the room. The use of height platforms will be used on the thrones placing the King above everyone else then the Queen, the Prince and on the ground floor the other characters. With bright lights on everyone and a darker blue tint on Hamlet to show his sorrow for his deceased father. The sounds used for this scene will be of faint talking of Lords and Attendants in the background.
Scene 3- The scene of Polonius’ house will be well lit. With a pink tint of light on Ophelia when she talks about Hamlet to show the emotions she has for him. The set is simple with a small backdrop of a door to the outside a table and a couple chairs.
Scene 4&5- These two scenes will incorporate the same environment as scene one, but I would like to add…

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