Harvey's House Scene Analysis

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Harvey’s House Scene
This is the first scene in our sequence which happens in the climactic point of the film.
We wanted to build up a lot of tension in this scene before the chase scene so would need to include a variety of slow moving camera shots and close ups. The emptiness of the house followed by reaction shots clearly show how tension is being raised; the audience not knowing quite is about to happen in the coming moments. The lighting in these scenes are a perfect example of classic Film Noir films, incorporating shadows and darkness effectively and allowing for a great sense of ambiguity.
The sound of the trucks engine starting is the crucial point in this scene, where the tension is at it’s peak and the shots become wider in order to
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However we went overboard and wrote a treatment for an entire feature length film.
When writing the screenplay, it was certainly a matter of researching to find out the ideal way to format and enhance it in order to make it perfect. This was helped substantially by a book called ‘Save the Cat’ by Blake Snyder [1].
In looking at various points towards the Femme Fatale and castration anxiety, we looked at the book ‘Feminism and Film’ by Maggie Humm [2] and ‘Visual and Other Pleasures’ by Laura Mulvey [3]. These helped us in writing and portraying phallic imagery (in the form of a gun) and the death of Mia for castration anxiety, the gun being the weapon used in order for the male to retake control of a situation. We also retried various points from Mulvey’s other resource on ‘Visual Pleasures and Narrative Cinema’ [4].
To create a style similar to that of classic hollywood films, we read up on David Broadwell’s chapters the Classic Hollywood style in ‘The Classical Hollywood Cinema’ [5], helping us to create the tension and adrenaline in the chase

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