Scary Events In Harper Lee's Life

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Scary Events in Lee's life; Examination of Lee’s writing
African Americans were the hardest hit during the great depression, and they were the first one’s to get laid off they did not have much money and they were poor and so they had to trade stuff because they did not have much money so the shelfs at the store began to pile up and get full because not many people bought items at the store
There were many real world events inspired Harper Lee to Write the novel ,To Kill A Mockingbird. These events include the Great Depression,the Emmett Till Murder and the Scottsboro Trials Firstly, there are many things that influenced Lee to write the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Lee was born during the great depression on October 29th 1929, in Monroeville, Alabama. (Harper Lee Biography), During Lee's life time there were many struggles due to the Great Depression, because of this it impacted her writing in many ways. They did not have much money. For instance in the novel it states that Mr. Cunningham was paying back Atticus with a sack of hickory nuts, a crate of smilax, holly, and a croaker sack of green turnup. ( Lee 20-21) This would indicate that he had no money to pay Atticus so instead he made a trade with him. Also During the Great Depression, there were many different programs that were
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Nine black youths are arrested for assault. Just like in the novel black men were accused of raping a white girl with no proper evidence. “Although there was no evidence connecting the youth to the women, the nine youths were charged with raping the women.” ( The Scottsboro Case). In the novel it states“Atticus said “ Cheatin’ a colored man is ten times worse than cheatin’ a white man, I muttered, “Say it is the worst thing you can do” ( Lee 201) and this is another good piece of

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