Scarlet Skye Character Analysis

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Scarlett Skye was an average girl. She is 17 years old and 5 foot 10 inches, she had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes that are as bright as the sky. She has an oval face with peachy skin, she has slightly plumped lips and a nose that fits perfectly on her face. She has a model like body that is slim, she not weak girl, she is the strongest girl in the school. She is very athletic and very determined to win, she loves to play lacrosse, soccer, track, cross country and basketball. She was voted best athlete of the year three times in a row. She also love to paint and draw, she feels happy and calm when painting on a canvas. She has a rebel side to her as well, she is very lively and wild when she is out in public. When she is at home she is very calm, because she feels more comfortable in her surroundings. Scarlett is also very smart, she always get A’s in everything and never got a B. Scarlett is very kind and brave, and she fight for what she thinks is right. She hates when people said bullying each other. She helps other in time of need and sticks up for a friend. One of the things that is her weaknesses is that she always wants to win and gets very aggressive when she loses in a game. She is also very quick-tempered and stubborn. She get made at the smallest things, but she tries to hold it in but she can’t. Scarlett Skye has many different sides to her. She is a gentle and kind as a dove, and then furious and wild as a tiger.
One day Scarlett went to a gas station at night to
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Trying to do the right thing is better than not doing anything at all. Scarlett also learned that you should not run away from your problem, but to face them. If Scarlett had not went after the man in the cloak, he would have gone to other places and take there money too. The cashier would not have got his money back. In the end, Scarlett Skye did do the right thing, and she learned a very important

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