American Family Roles

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Once again I have to start this paper off with the fact that the Bryan Family is the best family around, hands down. With that we do have out faults. To start this paper off, I will start by talking about what roles that each member of my immediate family hold. Starting with the lead role in this production is the addict himself, my brother, who will also be sharing the role of scapegoat. Personally, I think the fact that he was the scapegoat of our family led him to also take on an addiction. He struggles with perfectionism his whole life and I believe that came from his success in music his whole life and everyone telling him what great things he will do in life. After watching the self-harm Intervention in class, I can see a lot of the same …show more content…
The first role to mention is the hero; this was taken earlier on, well before I was born, by my sister. She is the oldest child and doesn’t let you forget it. She also has perfectionist tendencies, but they are more to prove that she has all of her eggs in the basket. As a younger sibling to her I know the feeling of always comparing myself to her, especially when it came too academics. This next role, which I believe to be the most important to any family dynamic, is the role of mascot. Of course I am in charge of keeping up with the script of this role, so I maybe a little bias. The main criterion for this role is comic relief, which can also mean that I use humor to cope with rough times in life. Over all I am an encourager and nurture so I like to see other people happy above myself. Now, last but not least, the lost child. In my family sake it is not so much a child as it is my step-dad. I would bestow this role upon him, because he always seems to find himself on the outside of the family problems. He has always been a kind of outsider in our family, but especially when big things come up he just seems to check out. This isn’t his fault; my mom, brother, sister, and I have always been very close and with him coming in late to the game it has made it a little harder for …show more content…
I can’t speak for those outside of my immediate family because I don’t see them interacting on a day-to-day basis. As for those who I am closer too I just don’t see that intense fused relationship in anyone. I am close with my siblings and my parents but not to the point where I talk to them on a daily bases. Even with my boyfriend I hesitated whether I should put three lines verses two showing how close we are. I am not saying we aren’t in love, because we are, even with this long distance thing. But I just don’t know what a three lines connected relationship really looks like. Hopefully, one day I will have a connection like that with someone. Maybe with my future children! Well, that is my family in a nutshell and we can be a beautiful disaster at times, but we stick

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