Scandalous Obligations Summary

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With his unique style of writing, Eric R. Severson made Scandalous Obligations significantly refreshing to read despite the harsh and heavy topics. He uses current events, personal anecdotes and in-depth amount of scripture to shared his personal journey of responsibility. I expect that many will disagree with this book as well as Severson format because it is not for everyone. I experienced first hand the confusion and concern about the Christian responsibility, something I guess I have always wrestled with. However, it is a book that truly testes our faith and our patience in the idea of responsibility therefore it is well worth the confusion and discomfort. Severson’s main focus is in the U.S, however the themes in this book can be used throughout the world. Theses theme that arise in Severson’s work are those such as scapegoats, distress, intentions, but mainly the general topic of responsibility. Throughout this book the author …show more content…
In Christianity God endures and therefore shames the scapegoat mechanism. God absorbs the vengeance, or even retaliation, “Jesus moves like a lamb to slaughter” (Isa. 53:7, NIV) the rhythmic repetition of violence is shattered (Severson pg. 1223).” Another thing that Severson says in his book that made an impact on me is when he talks about how as Christians; Christ is our security during times of unrest. This statement has helped me figure out what my responsibility is as a Christian when it comes to the issue of whether or not Christians should join in society’s use of scapegoats. With Severson’s statement I have come to believe that Christians, are responsible not to use others as a scapegoat due to Christ’s example. They are responsible to respond to social unrest peacefully and to not respond with violence and

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