The Great White Hope Scandal Analysis

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Scandal is a scandal
Throughout the past century, acceptance of different race, gender, sexuality, etc. have improved noticeably. It is more likely for a gay man to be on a magazine and not be criticized for his sexuality. It is more accepting for a transgender woman to go shopping for clothing in the men’s area. The United States is working towards to become the “melting pot” that society has always labeled it as. Yet, there are still many challenges to overcome. In doing so, technology and mass media are major factors to express acceptance of culture. Some tv shows, magazines, books, news, and movies have successfully showed social equalities while some have failed.
On the surface, the television show Scandal seems to be a series that promotes feminism,
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However, this is not true after the details of the show is taken apart.
The nickname “The Great White Hope (of the White House and The United States)” is safely assumed by the general public to be the white male protagonist whom is the President of the United States. Though these details to the nickname is proven otherwise in Scandal, it is only to cover up the true motives of the protagonist Caucasian capitalist republican democracy. Actually, Olivia Pope is The Great White Hope. She is set to be a strong, independent, educated, African American woman that is the main character in the show. Olivia owns a law firm and team of men and women of all races to solve cases of injustices. Similar to the movie “The Great White Hope” film following real life story of Jack Johnson who was the first African American heavy weight boxer champion. The commercial flyer of the movie states “He could be any white man in the world. He just couldn’t beat all of them.” (fjajf;f;ak) This statement relates to

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