Scandal, Bribery, And Corruption Essay

2047 Words Nov 21st, 2016 9 Pages
Scandal, bribery, and corruption: all aspects of everyday life, and sports. With countless scandals hitting the news every day, it is easy to see that sports “players” are no exception. With scandal comes crisis communication. Rhetors use strategic language and techniques to save face and restore image after a scandal. Apologia theory is a crisis communication concept which aims to categorize the strategies used in rhetoric to apologize, defend oneself, and restore an individual or organization 's image. Theorist have studied famous speeches and situations from Bill Clinton to Tiger woods, using apologia as the lens to understand how we react in times of crisis. In the case of the recent bribing scandal involving Eric Black, a Southampton Football Club assistant manager, crisis communication and apologia strategies were key. This paper will outline the Eric Black bribing scandal, the artifacts released after the scandal, and examine these artifacts using apologia as a lense.
On September 29th, 2016 a video of Eric Black was released which resulted in scandal. He was recorded by an undercover investigator from the United Kingdom news outlet The Daily Telegraph; in the video he is giving a “businessman” advice, suggesting you may be able to just bribe your way to a victory in this league. Black is quoted saying, “it doesn 't take too much to get these people involved… they won 't have an awful lot of money.” (Investigations, 2016), suggesting the referees will accept almost…

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