Essay on Sbe 440 All 7 Weeks Discussions Devry University a+ Graded

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SBE 440 All 7 Weeks Discussions Devry University A+ Graded

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w1 dq1 - Business Planning w1 dq2 - From Concept to a Business w2 dq1 - The 60 Second Elevator Pitch w2 dq2 - Identifying the Competition w3 dq1 - Inducing Your Customers to Buy w3 dq2 - Promoting a New Business w4 dq1 - Small Businesses' Legal Structures w4 dq2 - Management Resources w5 dq1 - Key Initial Operating Decisions w5 dq2 - Operational Controls w6 dq1 - Cash Flow Operating Assumptions w6 dq2 - Exit Strategies w7 dq1 - Information Gathering w7 dq2 - Rating Your Plan

SBE440 Course Project Devry University
SBE440 Week 2
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Name of the proposed business
RL’s Customs
Name of the founder (or founders)
One paragraph summary of the business
RL’s Customs is a retail shop located in Salem, Indiana. My product focus is on tires, wheels, and aftermarket parts. Salem is a rather small town with a current population estimated around 6,172. It is also a fairly low-income town. The bonus factor in strategically placing my shop in this area is the acquaintances and long-term relationships I have already made with the inhabitants.
In rough economic times, such as these, it has become priority to distribute quality tires, wheels, and aftermarket parts at a price that most people can afford. That is exactly what I aim to do for the people of Salem, Indiana. Most people cannot afford brand new tires or parts, so I have taken the initiative to find gently-used tires and parts from a well-known distributor.
Part 1: Product/Service Feasibility
Issues Addressed in This Part
Product/service desirability
I am a local guy who can sell anything. I do not have a large overhead and maintain relationships with parts suppliers within, as well as outside of the community. I am able to provide personal (one-on-one) service to every individual customer. I have a physical location where the customer can view and touch a product before choosing to purchase.
Product/service demand
Most people cannot afford brand new tires or parts, so I have taken the initiative to find

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