Samson Research Paper

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MIBS BEAUMONT, turning 13, is part of a family of 4 children: ROCKET whose uncontrollable superpower, called savvy, is electrifying and electrocuting things, FISH whose savvy is moving natural elements. They only discover the savvy on their 13th birthdays. SAMSON is born a bit later. After discovering FISH and ROCKET’s powers, the family moves to North Carolina to stay safe, where they encounter ROSEMARY WEEKS. They are gathering at PASTOR MEEKS’ church later at the sand sculpture competition where they meet WILL MEEKS JR. At the competition, Fish suddenly creates a mini-sand storm that nearly destroys the sand sculptures, have Rosemary screaming BLOODY MURDER. The Beaumonts realize it will be better if they just keep the savvy to themselves. Then their MOMMA (mom) passes away.

Not a long time after, during Mibs’ 13 birthday, she slowly figures out she can wake up dead things. Mibs’ POPPA (dad) then gets into a car accident. Rosemary throws a surprise birthday party at the church for Mibs to cover her fathers’ coma. LESTER, the pink bible salesman, also turns up from the adjacent
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After a while, the bus breaks down. Mibs tries to calm Fish down as a cloud because they are dangerously near a waterpark. After successfully controlling his savvy, Fish, with all the kids, rushes to the waterpark and exciting all the kids by making the rides more explosive. Captain Buzzkill, Mibs, is skeptical of Fish’s control. Distracted by Bobbi’s compliments, he expectedly losses control over the water. Fish focuses all of his energy to funnel the water up the slide to slow a plunging toddler down. The toddler suddenly pushes off the slide to freefall! Countering the fall, Fish controls the wind to bring him down safely. Rosemary, after conversing in Bee Church, rushes to her minivan when a tube from the waterpark, resulting from Fish’s powers, falls onto her windshield, letting her know exactly where to

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