The Race To Save The Elephant Analysis

Everyone wants something in their life. A new phone, new clothes, jewelry, toys, and other luxuries. But did you realize the price tag does not show the full price? “Saving The Worlds”, and “The Race to Save the Elephants” by Mary Kate Frank believes that because of our negligence and cupidity, animals and environments are the ones actually paying for your decisions. People are incessantly ruining their lives by obliterating their habitats, overfishing, poaching, producing pollution, and other nefarious methods
Majestic wildlife such as elephants is dying because of human’s virulent weapon; greed. This cruelty was demonstrated in Zimbabwe and showed the world frightening results of selfishness. The following scene showed, “Last fall, rangers
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The ocean lives are also struggling because of the same weapon terrorizing the wildlife. Peggy Kalas of the High Seas Alliance, a partnership of more than 30 environmental groups, claims that ocean lives are struggling because of humans. Kalas states, “‘People assume that the ocean is going to go on and on, but it’s really in very desperate shape due to human activities,”. As told by the High Seas Alliance, it is lucid that our actions are the reason why the ocean and the organisms are in danger. Ocean lives are ignored and uncared by the community. The text also says, “Its marine life is threatened by overfishing and plastic debris. And because the Sargasso is so far from the legal authority to fully protect the area.” The context of the quote supports the fact that the humans are murdering the animals in the high seas and nobody is taking action. Overfishing and increase of debris disturb the ocean lives. Now, let’s talk about overfishing in more detail about. Like mentioned before, it is a serious threat to fishes in the seas. Here is an example of how severe overfishing is. It is described, “Commercial fishermen are taking too many fish from the high sea. As much as 90 percent of some large species, such as tuna and swordfish, have now disappeared from the ocean.” Overfishing means to do excess fishing or even farcical amount of fishing. This is the point when a need turns to greed. And because of this desire for more, fishes are …show more content…
However, people are slowly trying to restore the idyllic environment, and there are many ways to help. The U.N. is taking steady steps to finally help the marine lives. They are creating a treaty to return peace to high seas. The new plan suggests, “However, a new United Nations (U.N.) treaty could change that. Conservationists hope the pact will allow for the creation of new protected areas on the high seas and require those who want to engage in commercial activities there, such as fishing or drilling, to access any possible environmental impact. Those measures would be a step toward helping the oceans recover from the damage that has already been done.” They are currently engendering a treaty to preserve the high seas and require people to understand the environmental consequences the business will experience. Likewise, actions are being taken on the wildlife too. At last, there is hope for elephants to enhance the numbers. President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced, “Last September, China and the United States-the world’s top two ivory markets-pledged to work together to end the illicit trade.” This would mean a major change, a decrease of poachers and a decline of illegal ivory

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