Saving The World : The Dragon Morphs Essay

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Saving The World
Two thirds of China’s cities don’t meet the country’s own air emissions standards and it continues to increase by what is written in The Dragon Morphs. The Dragon Morphs, Source A (Seligsohn, Deborah,Deborah Seligsohn is a researcher at the University of California, San Diego, and former Science Counselor at the US embassy in Beijing. the Dragon Morphs ,United States, and China are the biggest emission countries , they are trying to cut down the pollution. A woman researching in China, yet to realize the environmental problems that had struck the country. Seligsohn writes how the country attempts to lower the emission levels to put forth a better place and how the government officials planto meet their goals for China. In another article, Solar Wars, Source B (Biello, David,David Biello is an associate editor at Scientific American and frequently covers energy and environmental issues, Solar Wars, Arizona, US, and The abundant saving with solar panels and how aps tries to raise taxes for those who have solar panels. Biello is a homeowner who runs electic through solar panels. They explain the cost and savings of switching to solar energy and how electric companies view this as a problem. Companies such as The Arizona Public Service (APS) made them pay fees for electric they do not need. Biello argues that it is wrong to put that plan into action and tries to convince others to think likewise . Source one (The Dragon Morphs) is a superior source to Solar…

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