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Why Saving Private Should Be Considered a Classic WWII Movie
Imagine how it would feel to be trapped behind enemy lines with no communication to base. During the Second World War, this was a reality for paratroopers during D-Day. A movie that tells that story of a paratrooper behind enemy lines is Saving Private Ryan (Spielberg). However, there is a twist to not only being trapped behind enemy lines, but having men come to extract the private to tell him his brothers are dead. Saving Private Ryan should be considered a classic WWII movie due to its accurate depiction of WWII, good storyline, many famous actors, and the visual effects are astounding. Saving Private Ryan shows the journey a squad takes in order to save Private James Francis
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Prior to Saving Private Ryan, many movies did not depict war scenes well. For example, previous movies were very bad when it came to acting a death scence. They would hold their chest and get short winded. Another soldier would come over to the dying one and the dying would ask him to tell his wife and kids that he loved them before he would die (1). In Saving Private Ryan, many soldiers died instantly without saying their final goodbyes (2). In other films, it was rare to see a good guy die in battle. Throughout the film, the squad loses many of its members. Both major and minor characters died in the film.
Another aspect of Saving Private Ryan that contributed to realism was the emotions felt throughout the film. Before landing onto Normandy beach, it was very evident that the soldiers were nervous. Many were throwing up on the boat along with being able to feel the tension the soldiers were feeling before the ramp dropped (1). In the film and in real life, once the ramp fell, machine guns ripped through the waiting soldiers inside the boats (2). Further showing the horror these men felt when landing on the

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