Saving Private Ryan Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Miller, however, is hearing none of it and they push on. Occasionally they happen upon a fire fight, randomly scattered troops, and downed gliders that had been off course. One particular battle they encounter gives them an up-close experience with a German soldier. He tries his best to please them and show them how great he thinks America is, but only after a great amount of persuasion from the minority in the group is he allowed to live. He is released and is supposed to go towards Allied lines, and they continue on their search. Everywhere they go, however, there is no sign of Private Ryan, who was separated from his unit in one of the many botched air drops that occurred on D-Day.
     This is very accurate historically. Due to bad conditions and bad navigation, paratroopers were dropped tens of miles off target, if not more. Because of this, there was sporadic fighting all across the French countryside, not to mention troops that had been separated from the rest of their unit. Also, numerous transport gliders were easily shot down due to the fact that they were so
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They are defending a small bridge in a was torn town, and he refuses to abandon them until reinforcements arrive, despite the news of his brothers. So Captain Miller and his men stay to help them as well. When the German’s attack, they suffer many casualties, most of the squad in fact, including Captain Miller. Luckily, they are saved by air support, and Private Ryan goes home to his Mother. The end of the movie, as with the first few minutes, are centered at the Grave of Captain Miller, where an Old Private Ryan has brought his family in order to thank the man who saved his

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