Saving Our Youth Thesis Statement

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Saving Our Youth
Thesis Statement: Although it encourages an early start of sexual activity, condoms should be more accessible to teens because it promotes the practice of safe sex at an early age, it will help avert teenage sexual transmitted infections/ diseases, it will help lower and prevent teenage pregnancy rate from rising.
Paragraph II
A. To begin with I believe condoms should be more accessible to teens because it encourages and educates the youth on the practice of safe sex at an early age.
1. Schooling that educates the youth about abstinence and safe sex as well as contraception, including condom use, will help them to delay first sex.
• Most of today’s youth when you educate them about things like gun violence and thing to that nature they are more educated and less likely to do certain
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• Most people don’t know the proper ways to use condoms. Like how you are supposed to leave space at the top to catch the semen, or that you are supposed to roll the condom down the penis, not unroll the condom and then place it over the penis.
Paragraph III
B. Secondly I believe that condoms should be more accessible to teens because Condoms should be more accessible to teenagers because it will help prevent teenage sexual transmitted infections and diseases.
1. Sexually transmitted diseases and infecting are extremely high among teenagers in the United states.
• "A study reported that from 1998 to 2008 chlamydia rates rose from 102.5 to 401.3 cases per 100,000 populations in the United States, an increase attributed, at least partly, to improved screening and reporting"
• Educating and providing the youth with the necessary tools can be a good intervention for the young people rates to lower drastically.
2. Condoms are effective in dropping spread of numerous STDs or STIs, to include chlamydia, gonorrhea, and

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