Essay about Save as Many as You Ruin

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Save as many as you ruin
The text “Save as many as you ruin”, is written by Simon Van Booy. The main character of this short story is called Gerard, and he is about 40 years old. In my analysis of this story I will in some parts go through some parts of the story to find the red line. I am also going to comment on some of the themes, how the language is used, and how the mood is. In the beginning of the short story, we are told that Gerard is on his way home from his work. As he walks home, his surroundings are described. It getting darker outside, which makes the streetlights turn on. It is winter and there is snow in the streets, which he mentions as he is walking. Through “Save as many as you ruin” the surroundings are described a
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Of cause Lucy has been asking for her mother, but Gerard lies every time she asks. Gerard has a lot of the lying from Izzy, but Lucy easily sees when he is lying to her. Gerard loves his daughter, Lucy, and Laurel, but he did not love Lucy’s mother, Izzy. Gerard, for a while, cheats on Laurel, and makes the excuse that all other men do it as well. He loves Laurel, so they get together again. It might be fate bringing them back together again. Fate could be one of the themes in this short story, which Gerard in the end realizes maybe without knowing it himself: “Gerard feels as though he is being followed, that there are voices he can’t hear, that the footsteps of the snow on the window are just that, and like Lucy’s conception - life is a string of guided and subtle explosions.” With this he means that life can be based on a purposeful chain of events. It almost seems as if it is a religious realization and it means that not everything happens with coincidences, but is guided. Thereby we can say that he does not think that he think that it is a coincidence that he met Laurel, whereby it might be fate which reunited them. In the story “Save as many as you ruin” we hear a lot about water, which may be a connection to memories or to the past. Gerard feels in the end as if somebody pours cold water down his neck, which we see here: “Later at home in his study, he could re-create the

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