Save as Many as You Ruin Essay

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Save as Many as You RuinEvery once in a while, people make life-changing mistakes; mistakes that can seem irreversible andabsolutely fatal to your life. But in some cases, fate might just reach out and bless them withanother chance. These are the cases where the involved can live through a religious experience andhave the opportunity to save what they’ve previously ruined.Gerard is a handsome man from New York, who is approximately 40 years old. The turning point inthe story is when Gerard meets Laurel coincidently after he sees her through a shop window. Gerardand Laurel are former partners, but the relationship ended when Gerard had to proclaim that he hadmade another woman pregnant while they were still dating. Gerard has Lucy with …show more content…
He does notthink of himself as anyone who is going to make an impression or leave a permanent change foranyone. Everything he does, and even the proof of his very existence (the breath and the footsteps),simply disappears behind him.The first part of the story, before he meets Laurel is filled with a depressing mood, as it is snowingand he is walking alone in the streets, pondering about his insignificant existence. (The onlyexception to this mood, being his daughter; Lucy.) This all works as quite a contrast to the love andpositive feelings in the latter parts of the story after Gerard has met Laurel. There are actually quitea few contrasts in Save as Many as You Ruin. Lucy is quite a contrast to her mother, this isespecially seen in the subject of lying; where Issy used to lie all the time, while Lucy easilyrecognizes when her father is lying and obviously doesn’t approve of it. [l.167]. Issy also works as acontrast to Laurel in the relation to Gerard. Issy is the sexy lover, while Laurel rather appeals toGerard’s feelings. Etc.At some point in Gerard’s life, he took the chance of having an affair with another woman while hewas still with Laurel. “Gerard vaguely remembers the feeling of being in love with Laurel and thedesire to have sex with Issy. He knew that other men enjoyed the occasional partner outside of long-term relationships, and he wanted to try it.”[l.123]. He excuses his affair, with other men havingdone the same. It

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