Savagery And Innocence In Lord Of The Flies

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Innocence can be lost by ourselves, but it can never be found in ourselves once it is lost. Innocence can be great because life is a dream, but one is naive to the world. Savagery can be great because life is so much fun, but people will fear the savage and run from them. Throughout Lord Of The Flies there are many themes that appear in the book. One of those themes are savagery and innocence. While having savagery and innocence can be great, they can both also be horrible. Throughout this essay the themes of innocence and savagery will be shown in full importance.
Innocence is the thing that protects us from the evils that are in the world. In the beginning of the book, everyone on that island has their innocence, especially the littluns.
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Jack is interesting for the fact that he has some innocence and a lot of savagery inside himself. He shows his savagery when he is persisting that everyone goes to hunt because they want meat. The meat can be symbolic of them finally losing all of their innocence through hunting. Roger is interesting, he shows that he is the embodiment of evil and savagery. This is shown in chapter four Roger is seen going to take a swim, but buries flowers, knocks down the sand castles of the littluns and enjoys doing this. Later in the book, it says that Simon willing lets the rock go that kills Piggy, and he enjoys killing him. Roger can be seen as the wingman to Jack, because he is working behind the scenes as the “dirty” man for Jack. Roger is seen as a terror as said by Samneric, “You don’t know Roger. He’s a terror.” And the chief-- they’re both-- terrors-- only Roger--”. He can be seen here as the main person who beat up Samneric to join the tribe. They begin to say that both the tribe leaders are terrors, but realize that Roger is the real villain. Roger’s downfall can be seen when he is kicking the sandcastles down. He was so used to having to be good because of adults watching him, but with no grownups around Roger realizes that he can let his true colors fly without having to deal with the bad consequences of his actions. The Lord Of The Flies can be credited for most of the savagery and evil of the island. It taunts Simon by saying that …show more content…
The main example of this is Jack. Jack is a very innocent person because he takes being on the island as a game and it’s not until the officer comes to the island, he realizes that being on the island wasn’t a game and it dawns upon him that Piggy and Simon are gone because of him. One other person that is like Jack, is Ralph. Ralph is innocent and a savage in the ways that Ralph goes hunting and feels the thrill of getting to hunt and run in the jungle. He wants to join Jack in hunting but he remembers that he needs to help finish the shelters and help keep the fire going. The fire at times can also be a symbol of hope, and even a symbol of innocence. At the beginning of the story, the fires are always big and by the end of the book, Jack’s fire is hardly lit at all and Ralph’s fire is small but gets a bit bigger when samneric remind Ralph that they need to keep the fire going to be rescued. In this it shows that the last little bits innocence that are left, are starting to fade away into the darkness of savagery.
By the end of these series of events, almost everyone leaves the island, but no one leaves the same. Every single one of those boys’ innocence was shot down out of the sky like the beast that samneric saw when they were making sure the fire wouldn’t go out. Nothing in society can help those boys return to normal, because they all lost their innocence and that can never be returned to them.

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