Savage Inequalities Is A Great Book That Gives Insight On The Imbalance Of School Funding

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Savage Inequalities is a great book that gives insight on the imbalance of school funding around the nation between 1988 and 1990. Jonathan Kozol writes of his travels to thirty different neighborhoods across six states. These schools range from the poorest to some of the wealthiest in the state. How can there be such a wide disparity of conditions in a country that claims equal opportunity for all? Kozol quickly comes to the realization that poor children are not given an equal opportunity at education compared to wealthier districts. He says on page eighty-three that the “Denial of the ‘means of competition’ is perhaps the single most consistent outcome of the education offered to poor children in the schools of our large cities…” (Kozol, p. 83) After further examination, Kozol notes that major differences in schools appear to be along the lines of social class and race.
Kozol looks at states of the poorest schools as well as the staff running them. He does not go into the programs the schools are running but keeps the focus on the unsanitary, understaffed, and underfunded conditions. Savage Inequalities exams the decay of buildings, social class divisions, racism, and health conditions of students in relation to the underfunded conditions. Throughout the six chapters, Kozol makes his point that we, as a nation, need to take a hard look at what it means to have an equal education for all students.
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