Saudi Arabia Poetry Analysis

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Women in Saudi Arabia became one of the major and essential aspects of the building and the progress in advancing the society and the country in every field. Women are now able to contribute to the public opinion and be part of all the things that exist in Saudi Arabia. Quite recently, women have been permitted to participate in the Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia (Majlis Alshura) where the country’s issues are discussed and solved between a number of members (Alarabiya). In fact, the more women get involved and that are cared for, the more they give back to the community in creative ways by promoting the society culturally and literary as a result of their significant role. In literary fields, Saudi female poets manifest fascinating …show more content…
She is considered to be the leader of love poetry writers in Saudi Arabia for the courage she has in writing bold love poems. In the first line of her poem, Almutayri emphasizes the meaning of love by not only loving but also by giving one’s self to their lover in addition to everything they own. If you love someone, you have to devote yourself to them. Almutayri, in the third line, comes across stealth which is universally known as hiding relationships. She secretly goes and meet her lover while everyone is asleep before dawn. The significance of hidden I think is shame, she is afraid that someone would find out and get exposed to her family. Almutayri in the last two lines tries to convey a sexual image between her and her lover. She secretly goes to see her lover and make a clothing out of her poetry then give it to her lover, which suggests giving her actual dress to her lover and remain naked to make their night sweeter. One last line in this poem that I like very much is when she says,
Here Almutayri is referring to the notion of freedom, the freedom of loving, of being able to spend time with lovers. She is tired of hiding and waiting for everyone to sleep so that she goes and meets her
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As I said previously, we in Saudi Arabia do not have much of freedom especially women. Nawwab represents freedom as a living soul that goes around attracting people, where people are not even free to speak their mind; this kind of freedom that lives in us, seduces all of us according to her. Freedom of speech is one considerable issue that not everyone can talk about. Yet, Nawwab being in a foreign country, which supports whatever she is saying, is able to judge and condemn the laws that Saudi society is enforcing over themselves. Nawwab goes on describing the types of freedom that Saudis strive

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