Saudee Group Berhad Case Study

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The Saudi group of companies was founded in 1985 and as the food industry need of cost effective, time saving and high quality products. Saudi gold has recognised food brands in the Northern Malaysian Region. Saudee Group Berhad is a frozen food manufacturer with its manufacturing plant located in Sungai Petani. Saudee Group Berhad is producing 100% halal products and the company also ensures that the manufacturing processes conform to the strictest JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) halal standards. Its products represented in major retail outlets throughout Malaysia. Saudee Group Berhad currently has some 600 direct customers as custom market to maintain the stability of company.
Besides that, S Saudee Group Berhad has
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A warehouse space is most important to company simply holding goods until they needed. When we rented a warehouse, we have to use a lot of money to pay the rented of warehouse every month, its effect their net gross profit of capital expenditure by monthly.
Besides, Saudee Group Berhad also need to dependent on foreign country system of technology. Saudee Group Berhad used and applied the technology into their system to make and improve their production and quality of product became increasing day by day and better than others product. Saudee Group Berhad can use it the technology but the foreign countries will be thinking negatively on them if they didn’t have effort to find a new technology to increase their productivity and system in their company.
Unfortunately, Saudee Group Berhad doesn’t have any exporter premium membership. So Saudee hard to communicate with buyer or customer because the exporter premium membership is one way to make a strong collaboration with buyer or investors and foreign countries will trusted on Saudee Group Berhad to deal the exporting as exporter if Saudee Group Berhad has registered it to export their product to abroad and investor will know more about Saudee’s
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They are unique position to leverage upon their understanding and familiarity with the regional taste profile and focus will be in the South East Asia region for business expansion. They also will continue to evaluate growth opportunities in other companies as well. They have made headway in that direction to bring products to the Middle East, Indonesia, Brunei, India and other Islamic markets, and neighbouring countries Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and China as a target markets for value-added products.
Then Saudee Group Berhad has made a deal with government co-operative MyAngkasa Holdings Sdn Bhd, the barely profitable Saudee is seeking to transform itself into mini convenience store operator. On January 28, Bursa Malaysia fillings by the Alor Star based Saudee revealed a supply agreement whereby Saudee’s wholly owned subsidiary Perusahaan Saudee Sdn Bhd is to supply frozen food products to MyAngkasa for two years commencing 28 January 2015 until 27 January 2017 and Saudee’s products will be branded and labeled under MyAngkasa’s house brand. Perusahaan Saudee is principally involved in the manufacturing and sale of processed poultry, beef products, frozen goods and bakery products. With this agreement, Saudee Group Berhad basically become the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to MyAngkasa for nine food

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