Satkar Pastries: A Comparative Analysis And Theos

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A comparative analysis for the two bakeries has been made on the following five parameters:
• Performance
• Variety
• Price
• Accessibility
a. Performance
Satkar Pastries started its operations in 1980’s but its first bakery came up around in 1997. This means that the chain is about five decades old. Theos is about 89-10 years old.
Each of these bakeries has its own reputation and name in the market. Satkar Pastries being in the market for so long still has it’s distinguished fan following and is surviving in the market despite the coming in of many competitors. Both Theos is considered to be more of a dine–in eating place than a Satkar Pastries. Most of the time the customers coming in at Theos are not in a hurry
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Though Satkar Pastries has the least variety of items in its menu, it is surviving in the market because of its old brand recognition. The fact that Satkar Pastries products are famous all over the Agra because of their brand recognition and quality.
However if one wishes to just grab a bite one could go to McDonald’s but if one is looking for variety then Theos is the place to go to. From the market research study conducted to know consurner preferences, Theos is the most preferred eating place and variety is one of the unique attributes for Theos which attracts customers to its bakery. In the cakes and deserts category Theos has the maximum variety, Satkar Pastries has the least variety. For ice creams Satkar Pastries has maximum variety.

c. Price
Each of the products at Theos and Satkar Pastries are priced so as to suit everyone’s pocket.
When Satkar Pastries opened its first bakery in Agra it adopted a price strategy whereby all its products were priced lower than the domestic counterparts. It had priced its pineapple pastry at Rs. 15.Today, the pineapple pastry is priced at Rs. 40 and Theos pineapple pastry is for Rs. 80. Prices of each of the two bakeries for their Pineapple Cake and Chocolate Cake
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Every bakery has to be placed at the right location such that it attracts the maximum number of customer into its premises. Both bakeries in the city are located at the most frequently visited places by the customer. Theos started with its expansion plan by opening a store in Noida Sector 41. Soon more and more stores followed and all of them are located at either the most popular market and popular malls in the city. This way anybody going for shopping, watching a movie or just playing some games doesn’t have to go to another part of the city to have meals. Satkar Pastries too opened it’s to first store in the city at St. Johns Crossing, to be accessible to the students in that area. However, Satkar Pastries has an added advantage in terms of accessibility vis-à-vis The Theos due to its home delivery services. Although the services are restricted to the locality where the store exists, still it has an advantage because the customer if he does not feel like going to the restaurant and have a meal he can still consider it if the home delivery services are made available. Variety Ambience Price Accessibility
THEOS Has 10 types of Cakes, 12 types of Pastries & 4 types of Ice-Creams to choose from Spacious Moderately Expensive Located at the most visited

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