Satiriticism In A Modest Proposal

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1. It seems to me that Jonathan Swift 's true nature as a Satirist is coming out in the title. “A Modest Proposal”, gives off the feeling that this essay will be nowhere near what the readers were expecting. It was a searing and revealing piece that showed the problems of a country that even though was known to be poor; it was shown that it was exceedingly beyond realization. The reason for the word “modest” in the title is to almost lure the reader into thinking that the essay would not be as thorough as it was.
3. I believe Swift was making the best of what he was given. He was living in the middle of a worn down society that was poor and the people were struggling to stay alive. Swift seeing these atrocities that were not being fixed wanted to at least make these things known to the English people.
Voltaire: Candide 1
1. Voltaire was known to be a skeptical person who broke barriers to say the least even to the extreme of going against his Father 's wishes to follow his path of writing. I can relate to him this way because of his desire to write. Voltaire wanted to show both the pros and cons of the beliefs in Optimism. I believe Voltaire was not
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The Street preacher was almost offended that Candide had no particular stand on the Pope. It is ironic that the Orator was teaching that charity but when Candide displays no opinion; the mood of the character changes into a hypocrite. A person could be crucified if said person rethinks,”Hey maybe what we believe is wrong.” Religion is a vicious cycle; if a person begins to go against the grain then you’re clearly either wrong or going to eternal damnation. Instead of keeping true to the message he is teaching. Voltaire is using this situation to show glaring contradictions about religion. He wanted to show how a religious body can go from a loving group of believers into a pack of wolves. This is why Voltaire showed the carnal side of the Orator thereby showing the human side of what humans grasp to for

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