Satire Essay

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Tanika Hall
Eng. 120-03

Heaven: What did you expect?

Heaven is something that every believer looks forward to; It is talked about in every Christian church, and interpreted different by the various denominations. In the extract from Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven by Mark Twain, Captain Stormfield gives his account of his time in heaven. Patricia Glinton-Meicholas also gives an account of heaven in the extract from How to Be a True-True Bahamian. Both extracts discuss their expectations of heaven, using satire to expose people’s vices. The extracts although seemingly similar are very different, both have a different view on what heaven should be given through the eyes of two very different people.
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This is also humorous because everyone is so excited to be a part of the choir that it takes a while for them to realize that its only noise; nothing harmonious or melodious. Twain criticizes people’s idea that heaven is an “easy street” by making fun of the choir; whereas Glinton-Meicholas uses satire to criticize the way that the Bahamian people idolize the United States so much that it can seem like heaven for most Bahamian people. Glinton-Meicholas uses satire to make fun of the American thing that we idolize, by calling them apostles, miracles, gospels, archangels, etc. She uses satire to make fun of what she thinks the Bahamian view as the perfect heaven; shopping malls, theme parks, car dealerships and so on. She also makes a humorous play at football, referring to the running back by saying “He’s probably trying to escape the onslaught by running back to common sense.” She uses these satires to criticize the way that Bahamian treat America as if it is our little slice of heaven; completely ignoring, most of the time, that we have a culture of our own and making he Bahamas into little America, so to speak. She is also making fun at our bad habits, such as drinking, partying hard, gambling; stating that heaven won’t be complete for us unless we are able to entertain ourselves with a few Bahamian traditions, food, drink, and party. So, although both authors use satire, they use it in different

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