Essay on Satire : You Can 't Debate Satire

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“You can 't debate satire. Either you get it or you don 't.”(Michael Moore). Satire is a piece of writing that takes a serious problem or a plan that someone of power has been purposed and using irony, sarcasm, and ridicule to talk about a serious issue. Satire is mainly used to address a social issue and get people to start talking about the issue. Syria refugees are fleeing their country and President Obama is accepting ten thousand of them in America over the next year; however, Donald Trump, a politician who is running for president of the United States, disagrees with Obama and has made it clear that if he is elected as president he will put all al Muslims, even Muslims born in America, in a database for the government to track them and give them all a special identification card, to make it easier for people to identify them in public and allowing non-warrant searches in mosques all around the country. Wajahat Ali who is a national correspondent for Al Jazeera America, an award-winning playwright, an attorney and a former consultant for the State Department, wrote a well-crafted satirical piece called Mr. Trump, I’m used to standing out in the crowd. That’s why I’m ready for my special Muslim ID card addressing Trump’s plan for if he becomes president. Ali’s satire piece is well written because while writing about a serious issue he adds jokes about the plan and adds references to modern movies and music and technology all while, talking about the flaws of the plan.…

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