Satire Of The Human Race Essay

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Six inch people, 50 foot giants, and talking horses are all creatures in children’s books, but this novel not for the young but for the mature audience. Jonathan Swift was an 18th century Irish Author who had a unique trait: he hated humanity with a passion so badly, that he wrote a novel with the theme of how horrible the human race can really be. For a man who wished to write to entertain many, Swift had a hatred for humanity. He had loved ones in his life but never loved the human race. Which is important in his writing because the majority of his work is satire about the human race. Because he has a harsh view of mankind, Jonathan Swift, a well-educated Irish Author, often uses satire in his work, to show how society has lost its humanity . In the year 1667, Jonathan Swift was born on November 30th (“Jonathan Swift: A brief Biography”). Only 7 months before his birth, Swift’s father passed away. His mother Abigail, now having two children to care for, left her children in the care of a close family friend in Dublin. From there the close friend known as an Uncle to Swift, helped raise him and his sister. The Irish author was sent to the best grammar school at the time of 1673. The school was Kilkenny Grammar School, where he enjoyed reading and literature (“Jonathan Swift Biography”). Due to the Glorious Revolution, a young Swift took the opportunity to go to England. From 1679 to 1694, Swift was employed as a secretary to Sir John Temple (Jonathan Swift: A Brief…

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