Satire In Shakespeare's King Lear

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King Lear Paper

Often in literature the author will use satire to convey his meaning. This much might be true in the book entitled King Lear which was written by William Shakespeare. Nobody knows for sure if Shakespeare used satire in his play but the only person who does know that is Shakespeare himself. Some people say that he did use satire while others say that he didn’t use satire. Which side is accurate in their observations about the play? I hope to expose the truth about a question that has yet to be answered.

Some people see King Lear as being a satire by the way that King Lear is somewhat similar to King James. For example, in the play King Lear, Shakespeare portrays King Lear as not being very wise. For example,
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A final example of this play came from the Fool. For example, when the fool says to King Lear “Thou shouldst not have been old till thou hadst been wise”, Shakespeare could have directed that quote toward King James as a way of insulting his intelligence. I believe that Shakespeare used satire in his play King Lear to poke fun of King James as a way of telling King James how he felt about him. King Lear and King James have some similarities such as the number of daughters and their way of thinking things through which leads me to believe that the story of King Lear is indeed a satire. I have found evidence to support that King Lear is not a satire. Both Shakespeare and King James had three children. Shakespeare stole the plot of the original story of King Lear and he made it into something a little bit different. For example, Shakespeare took the ending of the play and instead of Cordelia dying, he made it where both King Lear and Cordelia died. Shakespeare was aware of the consequences that would await him if he did try to use satire …show more content…
The number of daughters that both kings had also leads me to believe that this was a satire. The article has added to what I already understood about the issue by giving me more information about King Lear being a satire. For example, as I mentioned earlier, King Lear and the fool had a really close relationship with each other in the play and those two characters could have been used to symbolize Shakespeare and King James due to the fact that King James and Shakespeare had a really close connection as well. My thinking has remained the same as it did before I wrote this article. My thinking about King Lear being a satire will remain as it has been since I first read the play. I don’t know what Shakespeare tried to do with his play but from what I have seen and have heard, I think that Shakespeare used satire in his play. As I have said earlier, only Shakespeare knows what the play was meant for, either it was a satire or it was for entertainment purposes only. Both sides of the argument have very valid points to their arguments but nobody knows for sure what Shakespeare’s intentions were. I hope I have helped sum up as to why King Lear is a satire but all I can do is provide evidence as to why I think that it’s a satire, I cannot tell you yes it was a satire or no it was not a satire but the only person that can tell you that is William Shakespeare

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