Satire Examples In Huckleberry Finn

Do people’s actions speak louder than their words? In this case of Mark Twain 's book Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, there words are whispers compared to their actions.
Mark Twain uses the theme Satire in Huckleberry Finn where the characters often express their beliefs threw what they elaborate and act in the book. Some characters will contradict themselves, while others are complete hypocrites. Mark Twain uses effective Satire in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to expose the irrational perception of human thinking.
Hypocrisy is evident in the story of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn characters. For example, When Widow Douglas thinks smoking is a vile practice, but she personally uses snuff. Huck added “The Widow took snuff. of course, that was all right”(Twain 3). This shows that widow
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For example, When Judge Thatcher took Huck away from him he swore to change his ways but Huck found him terribly drunk after his pledge. Pap boasted “Now its the hand of a man that’s began new life, a man who’ll die before he goes back to his old ways.” This shows that Pap wanted to try to deceive everyone so he arise and slither back his old ways and feed his old habits. This also shows Pap doesn’t genuinely want to have a relationship with his son Huck and is more interested with his own personal life. Furthermore, When Huck’s father shortly saw a mulatto who wore the topnotch finest shirt and hat and heard that he had the right to vote. Pap complained “Well that sure pissed me off. I would have voted myself, if I hadn’t been too drunk to get to the polls, but when they told me a nigger could vote, I said I’d never vote again as long as I live”(Twain 22). This shows that Pap claims that he wants rights but he is lousy and doesn’t want to take the effort by actually going to the voting polls. This also shows Pap has racist beliefs towards black people and how they are not privileged to

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