Satire And Its Effect On Satire Essay example

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Comedies often provide laughter and entertainment while presenting social, political, philosophical, and theological ideas and problems. Within the comedy genre, satire presents itself in a form of sarcasm, irony and humor. It is the combination of entertainment and critique to criticize the ignorance of a person or society. It has a few elements: entertainment and critical reflection to awaken the audience and to address issues and questions. It does not seek to do harm, but it seeks the truth and its purpose is to create a reform (a change or improvement). To avoid the truth, people use the Inferior Argument, an argument created without facts and support to manipulate ideas and language, but created eloquently to convince others and succeed one’s self-interest. Satire is employed with low comedy and high comedy in scenes of comic literature. Low comedy is a form of entertainment to create farce situations, tasteless jokes and toilet humor while high comedy deals with intellectual laughter through wit dialogue and humor. Aristophanes’ comic play, The Clouds, focuses on satire and high comedy to illustrate his conservative beliefs about the nature of higher education and its social purpose while paralleling relations with Greek society with modern society and a philosophical speculation to denounce the importance of god and mortality. Such representation is illustrated in the play like Socrates as an influential and admirable leader and Strepsiades seeking to learn the…

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