Satellite Pharmacy Inventory

Some of the existing methods and services that a satellite pharmacy does are drug preparations.

In most operating rooms drug preparations and distribution are assigned to technicians with the

watchful eye of the pharmacist. Drugs that are used for non-anesthesiology purposes and

nonspecific cases, pre-determined medications can be produced and may be used for any

patient. Automated medication storage and distribution devices are used to supply medication

to surgeons and nurses. These automated devices are very accurate and saves the pharmacist

time by not having to distribute the medication. Drug inventory control is another method used

by a satellite pharmacy and is under the responsibility of the pharmacist but they can assign
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Lubarsky DA, Glass PSA, Ginsberg B, “The successful implementation of

pharmaceutical practice guidelines” “It has been demonstrated that pharmaceutical practice

guidelines for anesthesia related problems reduce cost without adversely affecting patient

outcomes”. Guidelines in an operating room satellite pharmacy will allow pharmacist to

dispense the appropriate agents and monitor their outcomes. Clinical services also include

medication regimen review where medication requests from the surgery staff is evaluated such

as dose, route of administration, timing and medication use evaluation where the pharmacist

establishes certain criteria collects and analyzes data which is used to accomplish coordination

with the surgery being performed. Drug information is another clinical service that is being used

in satellite pharmacies. This is where pharmacist provides information to inquires which may

come from staff, residents and nurses. The satellite pharmacy maintains pharmaceutical

literature to support decisions in the operating room. Pharmacists also evaluate the formulary

of the formulary system. They also enforce P&T committee restrictions as well as
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“Reconciliation and disposal is another

existing method where a thorough system is developed and includes: Comparison of quantities

dispensed with quantities documented as administered, Verification of use through review of

the anesthesia record, Qualitative testing of returned controlled substance”. (Satterlee GB.

System for verifying use of controlled substances in anesthesia. Shovick VA, Mattei TJ, Karnack

CM. Audit to verify use of controlled substances in anesthesia. Goodwin SR, Knudsen AK, et al.

Refractometer screening of controlled substances in an operating room satellite pharmacy).

Communication is opened between the pharmacist and the chair of anesthesiology and the

head of surgical nursing. “Continuous education for members of the operation room team may

sensitize staff to this problem” (Castellano FC. Developing methods for preventing and detecting

substance abuse in the operating room: a disease approach). Pharmacy technicians are trained

to perform their task at hands in a satellite pharmacy. They are trained in drug distribution,

controlled substances, sterile drug preparation, drug ordering and restocking, orientation and

training new staff and quality

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